openQA, automated tests for operating systems


openQA is an automated test tool that makes possible to test the whole installation process of an operating system in a wide combination of software and hardware configurations. This page lists some of the resources available to learn more about it.


openQA is free software released under the GPLv2 license. The documentation is hosted in the os-autoinst organization on GitHub (alongside the source code) and is divided into four documents that can be read directly from there.

The openQA Starter Guide
This is the first document to read for everybody wanting to dive into openQA. It describes the general operation and usage of openQA, providing a general overview of the tool and its main concepts.
The openQA Users Guide
This is a more in-depth document to using the openQA system, mainly the web interface with examples and more advanced use cases. It also describes the use of the REST API.
The openQA Installation Guide
This guide contains all the information needed to install and setup the tool, as well as information useful for everyday administration of the system.
The openQA Developer Guide
This document provides the information needed to start contributing to the openQA development improving the tool, fixing bugs and implementing new features.
The openQA Tests Developer Guide
This guide gathers information useful to understand, improve and create tests to be executed by openQA.
All the documentation in a single HTML file
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All the documentation in a single PDF file
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API documentation for testapi


There also some videos available covering the same content. This recording of the workshop driven by Ludwig Nussel at openSUSE Conference 2014 shows the installation process of the tool and how to start writing tests from scratch for a brand new Linux distribution.

This short presentation by Ancor González Sosa (also at openSUSE Conference 2014) provides an introduction for developers willing to start contributing to the development of openQA.