openQA, automated tests for operating systems


openQA is free software released under the GPLv2 license. It's implemented in Perl and uses QEMU (by default) for starting and controlling the virtual machines and OpenCV for fuzzy image matching. That means that it should be installable in any system with a Perl stack -many modules are required, all of them available from CPAN-, the OpenCV library and a working QEMU, which can be read as "any Linux system".

There are two main components in a working openQA installation, both available at the corresponding Github repositories: os-autoinst and openQA. Make sure you read the installation guide (also available at Github) before proceeding with the installation.

As mentioned in the installation guide, the easiest way to install openQA is using the packages available at the openSUSE Build Service. You can find them in the openQA repository. Installation on openSUSE is therefore pretty simple. Refer to the above-mentioned guide for details.