openQA, automated tests for operating systems


openQA was originally developed by Bernhard M. Wiedemann <bernhard+osautoinst ät lsmod de> with contributions from Dominik Heidler <dheidler ät suse de>. Both are still very active and prominent members of the openQA community, but the development effort is nowadays shared with many other hands coordinated by means of a project in the openSUSE's project management tool. That's the best place to take a look at the roadmap and the development progress, as well as the best place to report bugs or reach the developers in general.

If you are looking for help, the best place to ask is the #openSUSE-factory channel at (freenode). Everyday openQA development is discussed there. It's probably also a good idea to subscribe to the opensuse-factory mailing list, even if not all traffic in that list is related to openQA. Also, find us on discord in the "#openqa" channel on the openSUSE discord presence.